An innovative rubber that allowed flame-like aggression
and icy self-control to coexist.

  • Frenzy and Self-Control

    This magic will lead you to the world you have never imagined.

  • Technology-intensive labs

    Introduce more users to the highest quality specialty products produced by technology-intensive labs.

  • increasing the thickness of the top sheet

    By increasing the thickness of the top sheet surface layer, the inertia acting on the rotation of the ball is maximized.

  • Ultra-high repulsive pores

    Ultra-high repulsive pores inside the sponge build an accurate power response algorithm.

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  • SPIN - High Friction

    The powerful energy charged inside the top sheet was developed to be used to increase the friction of the sheet surface. Excellent sense of grabbing the ball, the best spin is also generated from the best power. Another attraction is that the low arc orbit upon drive skill plays a import role in increasing the winning rate of the game.

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  • CHINA - Sense of Chinese Type

    This is a highly advanced piece that enhances the unique feeling of grabbing the ball with the adhesive surface. Once the ball being tightly grabbed, it becomes a powerful speed shot due to repulsive force, and it is unbelievable that the ball instantly arrives to the opponent's court in an abnormal orbit. Above all, the biggest advantage of it is that the contradictory elements of stability and destructive power coexist together to maximize performance.

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  • CUSTOM - Limited Edition

    It is a limited edition product used by world-class players. It's not a mass production goods, but it's hand-made by well-trained staff, and it takes three times more time to produce than normal products. Z52.5 is a breakthrough product that has been commercialized as a technological innovation.

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  • SPEED - High Speed and High Repulsive Force

    Repulsion-oriented rubber that enables quick attacks when smashing. The fast attack not only speed but also friction on the rubber surface is excellent, and at the same time, the balance of speed is impressive. You can overwhelm your opponent with monster-like power.

Frenzy and Self-Control

An innovative rubber that allowed flame-like aggression and icy self-control to coexist.
Monster item that opens a new era born of a new digital platform with increased trajectory and increased accuracy as maximum energy rises.

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